The Days I Would Like To Forget

by Alina Gorlova, Yelizaveta Smith, Maksym Nakonechnyi, Simon Mozgovyi


In development

110 min / 2024 

Ukraine / France / Austria


The observational documentary, which consists of several parts, describes the Russian-Ukrainian war from different angles. Discovering violence and military actions anthropologically allows observing the real consequences of war for the environment, people, and all living things. Four directors are working on their own directions that are unified by the visual, artistic, and narrative approaches. 

It is important to explore the nature of human violence. That is why filmmakers try to follow the personal stories of Ukrainians who have faced uncontrolled hatred. The goal is to find a way to capture the reasons for these actions, which are beyond human understanding. This story is about the flow of time and the will of life that defeats war and death. However, while the physical consequences of war change or disappear quickly, they remain in human memory for much longer.

Crew list

directors Alina Gorlova, Yelizaveta Smith, Maksym Nakonechnyi, Simon Mozgovyi

DOPs Vyacheslav Tsvetkov, Khrystyna Lyzogub, Denis Melnik

producers Eugene Rachkovskyi, Maksym Nakonechnyi, Karina Kostyna