Kholodny Yar. Intro

by Alina Gorlova


59 min / 2016




Kholodny Yar is a mysterious place in the heart of Ukraine, where history meets present in strange ways. Stunning landscapes and meditative moods are represented in this film. Following nature we plunge in the history of the paradoxical amount of rebellions and try to answer the question: what forces people to defend their freedom at the cost of their own lives?

Crew list

director & scriptwriter Alina Gorlova

DOP Oleksiy KuchmaVyacheslav Tsvetkov

producer Lena Yakovitska

editor Alina Gorlova

music Petro Skazkiv (Petro Tsymbalist) Ptakh Jung

sound director Vasyl Yavtushenko

Festivals and awards

National premiere: Odessa International Film Festivals (European documentary competition) 2016

International premiere: Artdocfest 2016