As Far As Possible

by Ganna Iaroshevych

As Far As Possible | TABOR

71 min / expected release: 2021



Coming from the big city Michel settles down in a remote Ukrainian village to save rare water buffaloes. His dream is challenged when he falls in love with a German girl from his hometown.

Crew list

director Ganna Iaroshevych

DOP Serhii Kireiev

producers Aliona Kachkan, Lena Yakovitska [TABOR], Oleksiy Moskalenko [Mental Drive], Ganna Iaroshevych

editor Kateryna Ptashka

sound designer Pavlo Berezin

development history

B2B DOC workshops (2017-2020)

IDFAcademy (2019) 

LisbonDocs (2018)

DunaDOCK Pitching Forum (2018)

B2B DOC Producers meet producers at Docudays UA (2019)

Beldocs (2019)

B2B Doc Producers meet producers (2020)

East Silver Market at Ji.hlava IFF (2020)

IDFA Docs for Sale (2020)

Supported by


Ukrainian Institute proMOTION programme