Tabor production presents
Film by Yelizaveta Smith

Cast Olena Ponomarenko, Vasyl Skakun, Anatolyi Paduka-Golot, Maksym Gluschak, Valentina Gubska, Eugenyi Bal
Director of photography Viacheslav Tsvietkov
Producers Oleksandr Fomenko, Alina Gorlova, Lena Yakovitska
Production design Mariya Khomyakova
Music by Jo Keita
Sound by Mykhailo Zakutskyi
Costume designer Sophiya Doroshenko
Editing Yelizaveta Smith, Sergo Klepach, Olga Zhurba

During a large storm carries, the sea flushes a Second World War bomb to the beach of a port city. The city authorities decide to evacuate the area. Khrystyna is a 45-year-old single woman lives in a run-down building, destined to be demolished. Khrystyna is afraid of changes but on the day of evacuation Khrystyna has no choice but to leave the place she is so used to. The gathering point for the people is the theater of the city. There she meets a young man Elijah – a stageworker, who is responsible for the evacuated people. Khrystyna finds herself in the place where Elijah lives – in the small room behind the scene. Elijah is a man without a home and a family. He uses props as furnitures and chooses lto be lonely as a way to be free. Between these two people there is an understanding and intimacy that frightens both.