No obvious signs

Original title: Yavnykh proyaviv nemae
Director: Alina Gorlova
Producer: Mariya Berlinska, Alina Gorlova
Production stage: Finished
Running time: 63 min
Country of production: Ukraine
Category: Gender, Health, Human Rights, Portrait, Social Issues, Current Affairs
Original language: Russian
Year of production: 2018
Premiere: March 25, 2018 Docudays International Film Festival (national

Festivals & awards:
DocuDays UA 2018 (Ukraine) DocuDays UA 2018 (UA) – The award from the international competition jury docu/rights; Special award from Ukraine Helsinki group for the movie protagonist; Special award from festival partner Current; Special award from distribution company “Letter to fest”
DOK Leipzig 2018 –International Competition Long Documentary and Animated
Film Festival dei Popoli 2018 – International Competition
Kasseler DokFest 2018 – International Film Section
Verzio International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival 2018 – International competition
Watch Docs (Poland) international competition

Production company: Tabor LLC
Financial support: UN Women, USAID, Tabor Production, Intitute of gender programs

«No obvious signs» – the phrase, which Ukrainian soldiers hear in hospitals, where they come with physiological traumas, needing help. But until their bodies have no injuries, not only doctors, but even society doesn’t notice their problems.

This is the story of the woman who returns from war. Talking to psychologists, battling her PTSD and panic attacks, she tries hard to get back to normal life. The documentary shows her path from the beginning of her rehabilitation till her going back to work. What is left backstage of the heroic videos of the warriors in Ukraine? What do they have to face, one on one, in peaceful life, and where does the war stop?

Director: Alina Gorlova
Producer: Mariya Berlinska, Alina Gorlova
Protagonist: Oksana Yakubova
Cinematography: Oleksiy Kuchma
Music: Ptakh Jung
Script: Alina Gorlova
Editing: Alina Gorlova
Sound: Vasyl Yavtushenko
Executive producer: Oksana Ivantsiv
Original idea: Alina Gorlova