Director: Ganna Iaroshevych
Producers: Aliona Kachkan, Oleksandr Fomenko
Cinematography: Serhiy Kirieiev
Trailer editor: Yegor Kadomtsev
Trailer music composer: Oleksandr Martyniuk
Genre: Documentary
Lengths: 70 min & 50 min
Production stage: In production
Planned release: 2020

Michel wants to have it all, but for now he needs to choose between the love of a woman and breeding buffaloes in Ukrainian mountains.

Michel is a young German, who lives at the old farm in a small Ukrainian village. 10 years ago he finished his studies in Environmental science and decided to find the most green place in Europe to live in tune with the nature. And he found it in Ukraine. Now he fulfills his life’s dream of breeding and saving rare animals – Carpathian buffaloes.

Once in summer Michel follows old Ukrainian shepherd’s tradition and takes 23 of his buffaloes up to the mountains to spend time in there, living in the wilderness and making cheese.

He had to go back to Germany to his brother’s wedding in his hometown where he falls in love with a woman. His dreams of living a quiet life in the mountains with buffaloes are challenged. Vera is smart, beautiful and she has the same passion for animals as he does – actually, she works with horses. She has two small kids. Michel wants Vera to move to Ukraine to be together, but she refuses. Because, legally Vera is still married to the father of her children, who won’t let them go to Ukraine.

Michel has doubts about what he is ready to give up. Will he stay in Germany with Vera and will he work along with his parents for family business, which means doing office kind of job? Or will Michel choose wild living on his own taking the responsibility for the animals he rescued and made them widespread in Ukraine?